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Today in Fat Hysteria - Continued

I normally dont care for Jamie Oliver but think his campaign to get people eating healthier food has merit, even if it is sprinkled with self-interest in selling his television shows and cook books.

Today Melissa from Shakesville took issue with Oliver’s latest series where he attempts to get a mother to feed her child something healthy, instead he finds her serving cheese covered chips for dinner.

Jamie returns to Natasha’s house to find that she is once again feeding her daughter cheese-chips. “Sorry, I’m just embarrassed,” Natasha says eventually. “I don’t know how it gets like this. I really try with money, I do.” 

This would all be fine, but there really are healthy alternatives that can be bought that are as cheap or cheaper than junk food. Fat apologists like Melissa will try and deny it but eating healthy on a budget can be done. Its hard, but its not impossible.

She continues.

Leaving aside the three-hour rant I could have about Oliver’s manifest refusal to acknowledgepeople’s right to choose to be fat (and/or “unhealthy,” or whatever word(s) he would use as if they’re synonymous)

The problem with this statement is that the child that Jamie Oliver is trying to help does not have a choice. Its the mother that is making the choices and it is the child that will suffer because of it. Is Melissa really defending the rights of parents to feed their kids nothing but junk, and plaguing them with problems such as diabetes in later life in the interests of their parents freedom? Because that is what it sounds like she is doing.

Even if it wasn’t a child’s health at stake, what is wrong with advocating for adults to be healthy? I notice she tags the post with her token “today in Fat hatred” but for all the debate about health, fat acceptance, Health at every size and all that PEOPLE WHO ADVOCATE FOR HEALTHY EATING AND FIGHTING OBESITY DONT HATE FAT PEOPLE. Its a strawman and a pathetic one at that. If Jamie Oliver really hated fat people he would gladly sit back and watch them eat themselves to an early grave.

Today in Fat Hysteria

An ominous warning at Shakesville. 

This is so the worst thing you’re going to read all day.

[Trigger warning for tacit fat hatred and body policing]

Sounds terrible, so what triggered it?A new Pepsi can that is described as tall and skinny. For reals.Melissa chimes in with this at the end.
I love the way this works: Now that there’s a taller and thinner can, the traditional can becomes the “short and fat" model. FAT MATH!

There are two problems with this.1. If she bothered to read the article properly she would have noticed that the terms “short and fat” were used by whoever wrote the article, they dont come from the Pepsi spokesperson2. ITS A FUCKING COLA CAN, PEOPLE CAN DESCRIBE IT HOWEVER THEY WANT. ITS NOT A FUCKING PERSON.

On Dickwolves…


I wasn’t going to actually say anything about the dickwolves situation, but spending far too much time on Twitter and the internet in general has got me thinking.

Please note that this is less about Penny Arcade, and more about the way the internet has degraded into screaming, crying children. On either side of the argument, actually.

For those of you uninformed of the situation, Penny Arcade made a comic about World of Warcraft (or any game in general that requires you to do a set amount of tasks for a reward, really) in which a Worgen is rescuing slaves. A slave approaches him and asks to be rescued, as every night they are tortured awake, and every night they are raped to sleep by creatures called dickwolves. Essentially canid who are made entirely of erect penises.

You can read the comic here: The 6th Slave 
Now, the internet being what it is, most people laughed. But then there were a few who didn’t laugh. And by all means, feel free not to laugh at a joke that includes the word rape. And by all means, feel free to say that you don’t like it.

But because the internet is what it is, people took it to the next level, and attempted to defame Penny Arcade by saying that they weren’t anti-rape, or even better, that they were taking part in a rape culture.

First off rape culture is a term brought about by extreme feminists. They state that rape culture is when a culture normalizes, excuses, or even condones rape or sexually assaulting someone.

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Fun with numbers

Melissa has been on her jihad against Penny Arcade for 5 months now, and all for a comic that mentioned rape. Note, it didnt mock rape, it didnt use rape as the punchline, it didnt make fun of survivors of rape is just used rape as the set up to lead to the punchline. 

Thats fine if you think rape should be a taboo and never joked about, but humour is subjective and there is never going to be universal agreement over what types of humour are acceptable. 

Anyway, Melissa has been using all sorts of wacky leaps of logic to try and connect the Penny Arcade crowd with rape in some way, and her insane commenter’s have followed on with this theme.

Following on from suggesting that internet trolls that dont obey her blogs strict rules are “behaving like rapists” she wants to connect the Penny Arcade crowd with rape in any way she can.

 Someone who defends rape jokes, which are the the primary means by which rape is normalized and its gravity diminished to make rape acceptable—so acceptable, in fact, that 1 in 6 women and 1 in 33 men will be victimized by sexual violence at least once in their lifetimes, the vast majority of whom will never see justice for those crimes against them—is indeed a rape apologist.

Thats a fine opinion to have, but just as I do not believe that violent video game leads to murder, or violent movies, music and so forth I and many others dont buy the monkey see, monkey do approach. Call me crazy but I dont think Penny Arcade comics that mention rape really motivates people to start raping.

Her commenter’s continued on with the theme.

The stat I used was grabbed from from here, though I’m sure there are other studies out there with different results (meaning the 10-13% might also have been arrived at by reasonable means). 

I’d also like to note, that if we take the conservative stat of 6%, and then apply it to PAX last year, and then, again conservaitvely, assume that only half of the 67,600 attendees were men, well then that would imply that there were over 2000 rapists at PAX last year. 
What. The. Fuck?Anyone can play around with numbers with estimated rape figures. It may be close to the truth or it could be way off, I dont know. I could easily guess using a similar methodology that by the large community of Shakesville that there must be a fare few rapists who regularly read their website too, but thats not anything to do with the site and like their guestimation of PAX it doesnt prove or say anything about PAX itself. Its just a sneaky way to try and suggest with no actual proof that PAX is some sort of mecca for rapists.Here I’ll try, judging by blah blah number of pedophiles in our community and Shakesvilles blah blah blah number of regular commenter’s I’m assuming that Shakesville is regularly visited by THIS MANY PEDOPHILES. I could say that, but its completely disingenuous.They didnt stop there however, they needed to connect Penny Arcade and Rape together as much as they possibly could.
I’m guessing most of their sales were to men, and they would agree.

Then have them assume that it was one of the purchaser’s favorite shirts, top 10.

I have no idea how many shirts they sold, that number they are going to have to add to the calculation themselves.

Assume it’s 30,000 (i dunno, they have a lot of fans.)

Then by these numbers, and a bit of rounding, there is a 10% chance that a rape was committed *while wearing this shirt they sold.*

Jeez, well imagine how many rapes must have been done wearing Chuck Taylors? Or Levi Jeans? Probably thousands. Does that say anything about the manufacturers of those clothes? Absolutely not, its just another pathetic attempt to connect rape and penny arcade with any ridiculous fallacy they can find.Rape is a terrible thing, but what Melissa and the shaker cult attempt to do is try and create a moral panic over rape and connect it with whatever they dont like. She talks a lot about a “Rape culture” but what is this? Her site serves to scare women so that they always as threatened by rape as is humanly possible.You know who you blame for rape? RAPISTS. Not people who make comics on the internet.
Disagree with Melissa = Rapist

Let me go ahead and make this point again: If I, or one of Shakesville’s mods, tells you NO YOU CANNOT COMMENT HERE via revoking your commenting privileges, and you do an end run around our security in order to disregard having been told no and disrespect the boundaries of this space, you are behaving like a rapist.

Now internet trolls can get annoying, but behaving like rapists? Really? For a woman who has supposedly fought against rape culture she has no problem with throwing the R word around like confetti at anyone who disagrees with her.

No Melissa, the only people who behave like rapists are RAPISTS. Its insulting to victims of rape to compare the heinous crime of rape to people that annoy you on the internet